How To Make Remote Working More Efficient: Do’s and Don’ts

Since the internet began to explode in popularity at the turn of the century, remote and online working has only continued to grow alongside it. In the last two years especially, as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, remote and online work has had an explosion in popularity out of necessity. Despite the virus now coming under control somewhat, working from home seems to be a trend that will remain for many beyond the pandemic.


In this article, we’ll be going over what are some of the tips surrounding working from home efficiently, and how working from home can be beneficial to those who do it. So, without further introduction, let’s get straight into the tips for working from home that improve your remote working skills.


Tips for Making Remote Working More Efficient

When working from home it is important to keep tabs on a multitude of factors. Here, we’ll be listing and going over some of how you can ensure that your output when working is maximized, without harming your time and life too.



Working from home can be an odd experience for many. For those of us with the distractions of our home-life constantly being ever-present, it can be quite the burden on our output in work, and thus, when not performing at our peak, we can be quite hard on ourselves. It is important to think of yourself positively, especially if you’re only starting to transition to working remotely. It is a new experience after all. As well as this, planning out your day can be of huge benefit to your overall work. For example, ensuring you have scheduled working and break times can maximize your total output throughout the day, so you are always fully charged.



At home, it can be difficult to have concise and clear instructions and communications with work colleagues, managers, etc. This is why all communication standards and boundaries need to have been established by those you work with or for. To ensure you’re not being swamped at home, setting clear communication times and hours in which you will be able to respond is vital. As well as this, ensuring that the ideal form of communication amongst specific workers is key. If someone understands better through text, call, or online meetings, make that known to ensure that everyone is getting the best possible outcome in terms of delivering or receiving information possible.


Overall Morale 

It can be easy to lose sight of goals when working remotely. This is why it is important to keep in line with what your original intentions were. For example, if your company has a specific goal in mind, reminding yourself and others of that original goal can help keep everybody on the correct path. As well as this, your morale is of utmost importance. Taking time away from work to have chats with other colleagues about non-work-related topics of conversation, or people who are in the same location as you when working remotely, can help take the pressure off when working from home or a remote location.


It can also be quite difficult when constantly at home to ensure that your standards are kept. Grooming and keeping personal hygiene to as best of a standard as possible in the morning before getting started with working will make you feel better when starting the day, and thus in turn will improve your output as the day goes on.


Statistics Surrounding Working From Home

Now that we have some helpful ways to increase your work when working remotely from home out of the way, what evidence is there to show that working remotely or from home can have increased benefits? Below we have listed just some of the most prevalent facts surrounding how working remotely or from home can be of benefit to your or your employees.


Increase in Bettered Performance 

For nine months, an experiment was conducted on 16,000 workers by Standford. The results of this study found evidence to prove that when working from home, the productivity of those working in their familiar and most comfortable environment produced general increases in productivity of up to 13 percent. These very same workers also showed a significant increase in their overall satisfaction with their work.


COVID’s Impact Signature 

As mentioned earlier, coronavirus has ensured that working remotely is now an essential and established part of life. Even with coronavirus becoming a stable part of everyday life, it seems that working remotely will remain a commonplace thing. Prodoscore when conducting research surrounding the impact that the original coronavirus outbreak had on work output found that since March of 2020, the output of quality in work had increased by up to 47 percent when compared to that of 2019, before the pandemic. This shows that working from home generally produces more beneficial results not just in the short term, but also in the long term.



There you have it. We hope this article has managed to help provide some insight into how working remotely or from home can be of benefit to you as a worker, or to your employees as a potential manager. We also hope we have managed to establish continuing growth in popularity when it comes to the path that working remotely is on as it continues to become an established norm in society.

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