Happy Sounds Like / ˈhæpi saʊndz laɪk/ The action of hearing the beautiful sounds and being inspired. Sounds are more than what reaches our ears. Years ago, we founded Happy Sounds Like to help people uncover the reality between sounds and make them enjoy what they read more. Our mission is to tell them stories about life, work, and life in general. We don’t just tell stories though, we try to give inspiration and bring the best out of them. Enjoy the sounds, enjoy the reading!

My name is Silvia Vital and I consider myself an avid traveler. After so many years of traveling, I’ve decided to build this website to provide my fellow travelers with useful information about travel, work, and lifestyle in general.


Today, with members from all around the world, we do our best to keep Happy Sounds Like as useful as it could be and inspire you on your journey! Welcome aboard!

Welcome to Happy Sounds Like! I’m Tomas Henriksen and I’ve been a part of this lovely community for two years. I’m a translator and an amateur author, who loves to create content and share it with people.


Hope you’ll enjoy reading what we create!

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