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We urge that you thoroughly read the following policy to understand how and why this website utilizes your IP address and cookies. You must expressly consent to visiting and browsing our website (“Website”). If you do not agree with the terms of this policy, please leave our website right away.

Last modified: May 2022

(Hereinafter referred to as the “IP and Cookie Policy”)

Happy Sounds Like (“We”, “We”, or “Happy Sounds Like”) gathers two sorts of data for your website (“Site”). The practice generates (I) personal information and (ii) information that contains your name and email address and is connected with a “cookie” and your user’s Internet protocol address (“IP address”). Our Privacy Policy describes our policies for collecting and processing such personal info.

Our Privacy Policy describes our policies for collecting and processing such personal info.

The techniques for generating aggregating information (as mentioned above) are outlined in the cookies policy here. To see and use the website, please expressly accept the principles outlined below in addition to the online platform.

(A)  IP Address

When you access a website, the system automatically assigns you an IP address, which is a unique identifying number. This IP address, which is automatically stored by our site, provides information about your computer’s location on the Internet as well as the name of your Internet Service Provider (“ISP”).

What Is an IP address?

When you connect to the Internet, your pc is allocated a unique IP address. It is your own computer’s single IP address on the Internet. Sites will be unable to provide you with material if you do not have an IP address because they will be unable to locate your computer on the Internet. When you join and disconnect from the Internet, your computer receives a new IP address. The IP address does not individually identify you, but it does contain information about the location of your computer on the Internet as well as the name of your Internet service provider.

How Do We Collect Your IP Address

When you visit our website, your pc will send out a message demanding content to our webpage. Your computer’s message will also include your IP address as a “return address.” The site will be able to detect your machine and provide the desired material this way. All of these messages are automatically recorded by our web server.

What Do We Do With Your IP Address

Once we gather your IP address, we merge it with other IP addresses to give us statistical data on the geographic location of website users, their activity on the website, and how they respond to the page. Your IP address will be automatically collected and stored in log files. These files also hold information about your browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), operating system, date/time stamp, clickstream data, and files visited on our website. The collecting of such data enables us to compile aggregate data for our website, such as general usage patterns and online activity (such as the number of unique visitors, frequency of visits, or pages of search terms entered). It also enables us to better manage our website, detect possible server difficulties, monitor traffic trends, and give you a more personalized experience. We shall not keep IP addresses any longer than is necessary for the aforementioned objectives.

(B)  Cookies

 Information About Our Use of Cookies

Cookies enable us to monitor trends and offer you a pleasant browsing experience when you visit our website. The cookie includes data that is saved to your computer’s hard disk. Cookies enable websites to remember users who have previously visited them. Cookies enable us to remember your specific choices, such as language choices, and to perform activities without requiring you to re-enter your information.

Please keep in mind that other parties (such as ad networks and site traffic measurement services) may also utilize cookies, over which we have no control. These cookies might be analytics/performance cookies or targeting cookies.

You can disable cookies in your browser by enabling the settings that allow you to reject all or certain cookie settings. However, if you configure your browser to prevent all cookies (including basic cookies), you may be unable to access all or a portion of our website. Some elements of our website may not operate correctly if you refuse to accept cookies. Apart from cookies that are required, all cookies will expire after 30 days.

The usage of cookies can be controlled at the browser level. If you reject cookies, you can still use our website, but you may be limited in your ability to utilize some services or parts of our website. Many browsers enable you to surf secretly, which automatically deletes cookies after visiting the site.

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