Tips for Running a Successful Online Meeting

In recent years remote online meetings have become one of the most popular and used forms of communication across the globe. This has been fast-tracked by the Covid-19 pandemic which has assisted in making online video calls the cultural norm both inside and outside of the workplace. Obviously, online meetings make remote work more efficient. In this short article, we’ll be going over some of how you can be successful in running a progressive and beneficial online meeting.

Ensure Everyone Knows Their Role and the Goals of the Meeting 

It is very easy to get confused and lost off the path when engaging in a remote meeting. This is why everyone who is engaging in the meeting must know what is expected of them in terms of both their role and the contribution they are expected to make during the meeting. If people aren’t pulling their weight by the role you have given them, make it known. This also goes for if people are performing to expectation, don’t be stingy with the compliments. Overall if people don’t know what they are doing beforehand, how can you expect them to make any sufficient contributions in terms of the meeting? This is the main reason behind ensuring that meeting members know their roles in the meeting before the meeting takes place.

Be Educated on the Platform You’re Making Use of 

This may sound ridiculous, but you’d be surprised how many meeting organizers aren’t educated on the platform they’re even using to hold their meetings. Ensure you’re well versed in the layout of the platform you’re using. As well as this, know the online etiquette. Keep visual contact with the camera lens to avoid appearing disengaged toward the people who you are supposed to be leading. Having someone run a meeting who has no idea what they’re doing can also be quite infuriating for the participants of the meeting. As well as this, also ensure that all meeting members know how to effectively make use of the platform too, as their lack of understanding can be just as frustrating as yours unless you are all properly prepared.

Ensure Cameras Are on 

Another tip that may seem obvious but is often overlooked. If you or your participants have their cameras off that increases the chances of them being disengaged in the events of the meeting or doing other activities that may distract them from the main event. Ensure that the meeting participants know how long they’ll be expected to be sat in the meeting as it can be quite the task for some to be expected to be sat for extended periods in one position with their camera on at all times. 

Create an Engaging Meeting Experience for Everyone 

At times meeting organizers can hog the speaking time. This creates an environment where other members of the meeting feel they cannot contribute to the conversation. Come up with ways to keep members engaged and feeling actively involved in the proceedings. Ask questions. Allow members to ask questions. Even if people do not feel comfortable speaking up in front of a meeting of people, make it known that their contributions are still welcome through the chat function of the platform you’re using. 

Use the Breakout Rooms Feature

Members of the meeting can often fade into the background and feel their role is not as important if they’re simply one person amongst a group of dozens of people. This is why breakout rooms are important. Splitting members of the meeting into smaller groups and sending them into their own breakout rooms sparks conversation. Being in smaller groups ensures that those who may not want to speak up amongst a larger group of people can get their say amongst a lesser amount of members. Being in smaller groups often creates the opportunity to spark a deeper conversation amongst members too. 

Establish Communication Etiquette

Teams and other video call platforms can often become a swift mess if people are not aware of the proper order in which to speak. Ensure it is known who the head of the meeting is, and that other members know who to turn to for issues. If people know how to go about communicating, and guarantee that they will be heard, then they are more likely to engage so long as they know the order of what is going to happen. 

Have a Fun Time 

The topic you’re discussing may be serious, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat the entire meeting like an army training camp. Ensure there is a positive and lighthearted tone to the meetings. Some meeting organizers even set up events or themes for meetings. For example, one week members may have to speak in a specific accent as a joke. This will not only up the mood of the meetings but will also create bonds between meeting members and give them conversation topics to discuss going forward. 

Have a Good Group of People 

This is another obvious one but it is important to ensure that members of the meeting are the right group of people to be holding and partaking in this kind of form of communication. People who are actively engaged, want to be there, and enjoy participation are often the sorts of people you’ll want to have involved in your meeting. You’ll find that having these kinds of people involved will make your job as the meeting organizer a lot easier too!


So there you have it, those are some of how you can improve your remote meeting experience. We hope the tips we have provided will be able to ensure that you have more positive and fruitful meeting experiences going forward from this point. We are certain that if these tips are followed and implemented effectively, there is no reason why they should not work!

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