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Bucket List Destinations: 29 Places To Visit

Do you also prepare a bucket list for the places you want to visit? This is like the first stage of realizing your ideals and it’s very enjoyable to prepare.

By adding the places you want to see to your bucket list, you kind of prepare yourself for that holiday. Since it’ll not be a spontaneous trip, you’ll know where to go and what to do when the time comes.

So, have you decided what to add to this list? If not, we’ll try to help you with this list. So, let’s start…

Tips for Bucket List Ideas

Here are some tips to determine your bucket list destination:

  • Start by making a list of all the places and experiences you want to have in your lifetime.
  • Prioritize your bucket list by considering factors such as cost, distance, and personal preference.
  • Research each destination to gather information about the best time to visit, accommodation options, and activities to do.
  • Create a rough itinerary and budget for each destination, and book flights and accommodation as early as possible to get the best deals.
  • Consider working with a travel agent or tour operator to help plan and book your trip.
  • Don't be afraid to modify your bucket list as your interests and priorities might change.
  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself to visit every destination on your list – the journey of experiencing new things and places is often more rewarding than checking off places on a list.
  • Keep an open mind and be flexible when visiting bucket list destinations – unexpected opportunities and experiences can often be the most memorable.
  • Make sure to document your travels and experiences with photos and journal entries – these will serve as lasting memories and provide inspiration for future trips.
  • Don't forget to have fun and enjoy the journey of exploring new places and cultures!

29 Bucket List Ideas

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu deserves to be at the top of the bucket list. This place is breathtakingly beautiful and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Lush, soft grass, majestic peaks, legendary stone ruins… It’s like straight out of a postcard.

This place is also very valuable historically. Incas lived here at the time. That’s why it’s on the UNESCO list. With its many wonderful beauties, Machu Picchu is among the most visited places by tourists around the world every year.

2. Bali, Indonesia

And, second place is Bali, the glorious place of Indonesia! This place is like a piece of heaven. If you see and are enchanted with the photos here, now, it’s your turn! Let’s enchant your friends with amazing photos. 

While there are wonderful beaches here, it’s also a wonderful experience for the wilderness. It’ll be a wonderful experience to meet Komodo dragons, elephants, and orangutans. There are also magnificent volcanic remains here. This is one of the most popular places in the world.

3. The Himalayas

Nepal, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, and Tibet… They’re all very beautiful and worth visiting countries. 

When you say the Himalayas, the first thing that comes to mind is the highest mountains in the world, right? And, the nice thing about this place is that it appeals not only to action lovers but to everyone. For example, it’s very nice to be able to travel between the mountains, either on foot or by plane. This is a region that can be on everyone’s bucket list.

4. Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is the place that everyone going to Italy should include on their route. This is a wonderful place along the Bay of Salerno. You’ll also see many beautiful coastal towns.

Once here, visiting the towns of Positano, Ravello, Amalfi, and Sorrento is an amazing experience. You’ll love the sweet houses here. We also recommend you the terraced buildings of Positano as your accommodation. 

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5. The Maldives

This romantic region deserves to be on the bucket list. This is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It offers its visitors an amazing experience every year.

Located off the coast of Sri Lanka, this magnificent island has white sands and turquoise waters. You’ll relieve the tiredness of the whole year while sitting under the light breeze. This area is often preferred by families as well as couples because there are wonderful bungalows that appeal to families. 

7. African Safari

A tour of Africa already means adventure. On the other hand, safari in Africa is an incredible experience.

There are many ways to go on safari in Africa that appeal to many vacationers. For example, those seeking luxury might consider luxury safaris in Botswana, Kenya. Those looking for a more budget-friendly route can head south. In Africa, you can find many options. 

8. Churchill Polar Bears, Canada

Speaking of safaris in Africa, it’s not possible to skip this. Did you know that you can go on a safari in Canada?

Unlike the natural life in Africa, you can meet polar bears here. Believe me, it’s impossible not to admire these beauties. The perfect item for a bucket list. Doing this in the summer offers a very different experience.

9. Petra, Jordan

Do you want to include more places with history on your bucket list? Then, think of Petra.

There are many ancient cities here. There is no doubt that you’ll be fascinated while visiting these cities. The city of Petra is almost a secret city. It’s located inside a rock passage at an altitude of 80 meters. When you arrive here, you’ll feel like you’ve found a treasure. Legendary place. 

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10. The Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Continuing the history series, next is the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

This place is being built in the mid-1600s. Its history is also very interesting for enthusiasts. For example, you’ll be shocked to find out how many workers worked in the construction of this place! This majestic building deserves to be on the bucket list. 

11. Kerry, Ireland

Almost every corner of Ireland is green and majestic. However, Kerry which is located in the west is a must-see one.

Kerry has majestic mountains. And, there is such a lake view that you’ll not be able to get enough of taking pictures. Killarney National Park is also among the must-visit places here. You’ll leave here feeling very rested and at peace. 

13. Paris, France

Paris, the city of love! If you think this place consists only of the Eiffel Tower, you’re wrong. This place offers you so much more.

This is one of the places that should be on the bucket lists. One of the best things about it’s that it appeals to all kinds of holidaymakers. For example, there are great options like the Louvre Museum for history buffs, while it offers romantic tours along the banks of the Seine for romantic couples. It’s impossible to be bored on this holiday. 

14. Marrakech, Morocco

If you think that you can’t get enough of ancient cities, here’s another suggestion for you.

This is a city surrounded by ancient walls. It’s home to many places of worship. Also, there are palaces and wonderful gardens. This place is also known as the Red City. The reason for this is that the walls surrounding the city are red. It offers a really interesting experience. Marrakech is also on the UNESCO list. 

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15. Kyoto, Japan

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this place the cultural center of Japan. Here, you’ll find many magnificent temples.

One of the great things about traveling to Japan is the chance to make many friends. Japanese people are really friendly and hospitable people. If you make your visit here, especially in the spring, you’ll see wonderful times when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. Among the things to do while you’re here, of course, is to eat sushi. 

16. Beijing, China

Beijing is a bucket list destination for many travelers due to its rich history, cultural significance, and modern attractions.

As the capital of China, Beijing is home to a number of Unesco World Heritage Sites, including the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, and the Temple of Heaven. These iconic landmarks offer a glimpse into the country’s rich history and cultural traditions and are a must-see for anyone visiting Beijing. In addition to its historical attractions, Beijing is also a modern and vibrant city with a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The city’s bustling markets, trendy neighborhoods, and world-class museums and galleries offer something for every traveler. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or modern city life, Beijing is a destination that has something for everyone.

17. Santorini, Greece

Let’s get some Aegean air. What do you say? Now, we’re going to Santorini.

This place may seem familiar to you because it’s a place we often see on TV. It deserves it too because it’s a fairy tale place. When you climb on the rocks, you’ll see a wonderful view. The atmosphere here is very nice. White-washed buildings with blue domes offer a visual feat and open your mind. 

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18. The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

This magnificent region, where the majority of our oxygen supply in the world is provided, deserves to be on bucket lists.

This place will be good for you. It’s home to great wildlife. You can make friends with monkeys here! No doubt that they’ll treat you very friendly. Listening to the chirping of birds gives peace of mind. Here, you can take a boat tour and take a trip to the center of the rainforest. 

20. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Again, we’re making a journey toward the heart of history. A place you won’t regret adding to your bucket list.

There are magnificent temples and ruins here. We strongly recommend it to anyone. Angkor Wat is popular here, but there is more to it than that. For example, Bagan. This place will give you courage. After adventurous tours, you can sit and relax in the city’s wonderful restaurants or bars. Nightlife is also very lively.

21. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

We can’t forget the beach lovers in the bucket list destinations. This place offers an ideal beach holiday for the bucket list. Magnificent turquoise waters, soft sand, and majestic peaks…

This is also a popular honeymoon destination. But, it’s not just limited to couples, it attracts many types of vacationers every year from all over the world. Bora Bora appeals to also luxury lovers because it has great resorts. You’ll rest a lot here. We recommend that you come here, especially in the summer months.

22. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a dream destination for many travelers. Seeing the photos of this place will make you want to add it directly to your bucket list.

Here, you can find many things you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for natural beauty, there is endless natural beauty here. Climbing to the top of breathtaking cliffs and looking down… Neighborhoods are just as beautiful, with pink tones prevailing. It’s very pleasant to walk on its streets. And, for water lovers, it offers azure waters.

24. Northern Lights in Sweden

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are a natural light display that occurs in the Earth’s polar regions.

Abisko National Park is located in the Swedish county of Norrbotten and is known for its stunning views of the Northern Lights. The park is located within the auroral oval, an area around the Earth’s magnetic poles where the Northern Lights are most visible, and has some of the most consistent and reliable Northern Lights displays in the world. The park’s location, high elevation, and low light pollution make it an ideal place to watch the Northern Lights. Visitors can take guided tours to the best viewing spots in the park, or even stay in a cabin or hostel specifically designed for Northern Lights viewing. In addition to the Northern Lights, Abisko National Park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including reindeer, arctic foxes, and golden eagles, and offers activities such as hiking, skiing, and dog sledding.

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Northern Lights

25. Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon is a bucket list destination for many travelers due to its breathtaking natural beauty and cultural significance.

Located in Arizona, USA, the Grand Canyon is a National Park that stretches for 277 miles and is over a mile deep in some places. The canyon is home to a diverse range of plant and animal life, as well as a number of historic and cultural sites. Visitors to the Grand Canyon can take part in a variety of activities, such as hiking, rafting, and horseback riding, or simply enjoy the stunning views from one of the many lookout points. The Grand Canyon is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in nature, outdoor adventure, or American history. It is important to note that the Grand Canyon is a popular destination and can get crowded, so it is advisable to plan your visit in advance and book accommodations and activities as early as possible.

26. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The iconic Pyramids of Giza, hosted by Cairo, deserve a place on bucket lists. When you come here, you’ll find many other archaeological remains. So, it’ll be a great trip for history buffs. 

Those a little more adventurous might consider the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Since this place is a tourist place, it can be crowded, let’s be warned about this. This excursion will offer you many interesting options. 

In addition to the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo is also home to a number of other historical and cultural attractions that are worth exploring. The Cairo Museum, for example, is a must-see for history buffs, as it houses a vast collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including treasures from the Pharaohs. The city’s Islamic Quarter is also a fascinating area to explore, with its winding streets, bustling markets, and beautiful mosques.

27. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Appealing to luxury lovers, Dubai attracts those interested in shopping, eating delicious food, and futuristic architecture. You’ll love it here.

The huge skyscrapers here house many things from restaurants to aquariums. So, you’ll find an endless amount of activities to do even in just one place. Luxury lovers can lose themselves here! There is also a lot to see in the city culturally.

28. Cappadocia, Turkey

We’re making our last suggestion for a bucket list from a dreamy place. Have you ever seen photos of balloons floating on Instagram? There it is!

You’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale here. It’s also a pleasure to ride a hot air balloon. You’ll take many photos and make memories and you’ll never forget the moment you’re on these balloons for the rest of your life. 

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29. Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is a vast coral reef system located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It is the world’s largest coral reef system and is home to a diverse range of marine life, including over 1,500 species of fish, 400 species of coral, and thousands of other species of plants and animals.

The Great Barrier Reef is a popular destination for snorkeling, diving, and other water-based activities, and is also a World Heritage Site and a protected marine park. The Great Barrier Reef can be accessed from a number of locations along the Queensland coast, including the towns of Cairns, Townsville, and Airlie Beach. The Great Barrier Reef is a truly unique and remarkable natural wonder and a must-see destination for anyone interested in marine life or eco-tourism. In addition to the diverse array of marine life found on the reef, the area is also home to a number of small islands and sandy cays that are popular with visitors.


Here are our bucket list destination suggestions for you… We hope that the places on this list will help you prepare your bucket list. 

First of all, remember that the important thing is to dream! If you dream, you’ll find the necessary strength in yourself to realize them. 

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What is a bucket list destination?

A bucket list destination is a place that an individual has always dreamed of visiting and wants to experience before they “kick the bucket” or die. These destinations can be anywhere in the world and can be based on a variety of factors, such as natural beauty, cultural significance, or historical importance.

How do I create a bucket list of destinations?

To create a bucket list of destinations, think about what kinds of experiences you are interested in and what locations align with those interests. Consider factors such as climate, culture, language, and cost when deciding which destinations to add to your list. You can also seek inspiration from travel blogs, magazines, or social media.

How do I prioritize my bucket list destinations?

Once you have a list of potential bucket list destinations, you can prioritize them based on factors such as cost, distance, and personal preference. Consider what destinations are most feasible and realistic given your current circumstances and priorities. You can also prioritize your bucket list based on the level of effort or planning required to visit each destination.

How do I plan a trip to a bucket list destination?

To plan a trip to a bucket list destination, research the destination and gather information about the best time to visit, accommodation options, and activities to do. Consider your budget and create a rough itinerary. Book flights and accommodation as early as possible to get the best deals. It may also be helpful to work with a travel agent or tour operator to help plan and book your trip.

How do I check items off my bucket list?

To check items off your bucket list, start by making a plan and setting a timeline for when you would like to visit each destination. Save money and make necessary arrangements, such as obtaining a passport or visa if necessary. Be flexible and open to last-minute changes or unexpected opportunities. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get to every destination on your list – the journey of experiencing new things and places is often more rewarding than checking off a list.

Can I add or remove items from my bucket list?

Yes, your bucket list is a personal and flexible list that can be modified at any time. You may discover new destinations or experiences that you want to add to your list, or you may realize that some items are no longer relevant or appealing to you. It is completely up to you to decide what goes on your bucket list and what stays.

Is it necessary to have a long bucket list?

There is no set length for a bucket list and it is completely up to you how many items you want to include. Some people may have a very long list of destinations and experiences they want to have, while others may only have a few items. The important thing is to have a list that is meaningful and relevant to you, regardless of its length.

Is it necessary to visit every destination on my bucket list?

It is not necessary to visit every destination on your bucket list. Your bucket list is a personal list of goals and aspirations, and it is up to you to decide which destinations and experiences are most important to you and which ones you want to prioritize. It is important to remember that the journey of experiencing new things and places is often more rewarding than checking off a list, and it is okay if you don’t get to every destination on your list.

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