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How To Set Personal Goals and Achieve Them

Do you have goals? For example, do you set goals for yourself as you enter the new year? Or, where do you see yourself in five years?

Yes, this question sounds frustrating at the job interview. However, having goals and trying to achieve them is the road to success.

Having goals in your life is very important. We’ll try to help you with this article. So, let’s start! 

How To Set Personal Goals

We can divide this into four categories. You may have the chance to measure whether you can achieve a goal according to these four categories. This is a technique known as S.M.A.R.T and consists of the first letters of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. Let’s look at them in detail now. 

Specific: The goal is clear and its definitions are precise

Measurable: Progress towards the goal is clearly visible

Achievable: The goal is suitable for one’s capacity, that is, it’s possible to realize it

Realistic: A goal that the individual really needs, while being achievable

Time-Bound: A clear indication of the desired time to achieve personal goals

If you create your goals by paying attention to these categories, it means you have goals that you can achieve. It’s important to be clear about what you want when setting goals for yourself. Otherwise, unfortunately, what you feel is just failure. Goal setting helps you not only achieve better outcomes but also feel motivated and accountable for your actions.

Sometimes, you reach your goal, but you don’t realize it. Or, you may not know exactly where you’re on the road to success. In all these matters, the above criteria will help you. 

In addition to all these, it should be noted that some people aren’t suitable for dreaming big. If you think you’re like that, don’t force yourself. You can start with small personal goals. For example, can’t you go to that welfare association you’ve always wanted to go to because you’re shy? Set yourself that goal this year and achieve it. 

So, have you had any questions about how to apply this SMART goal method?

We have some tips for you:

  • Get help from self-help books that contain information on this subject
  • Ask yourself clear questions when setting goals
  • Make sure your goals are realistic
  • Use positive language. For example, promise yourself to go to bed early tonight instead of saying "don’t play video games tonight"
  • Have plans and routines to see which way you’re toward your goals
  • Set smart goals for things you have control over
set personal goals for yourself
Having clear personal goals is one of the routes to a happy life.

Why You Should Set Personal Goals

Having personal goals means having reasons to thrive in life. Therefore, having personal goals is very good for you, including your mental health. It gives you benefits such as:

  • Developing a variety of ways to achieve success, and having the motivation to do so.
  • An increase in performance and creativity
  • Pleasure when reaching the goal

This last item is particularly important. Just think about it, for example, the end of the year is coming and you realize that you’ve achieved all your dreams for that year. There is nothing better feeling than this! 

Four Types of Personal Goals

There are a few things to consider when deciding on your personal life goals. We can divide them into 4 parts. Here they’re:

Financial Goals

The first is financial goals. These are your personal goals related to your financial situation. For example, they can enable you to make an investment or increase the amount of money you earn at the end of the year. 

Personal Goals for Work

These are the goals you set for your career. Remember that you’re the center of these goals, not the company you work for. For example, it could be aiming to get a certificate or get promoted. 

Growth Goals

Growth goals are also related to personal development. They don’t have to be just about your career. The important thing in this type is that your personal development goals are based on your satisfaction. So, when you reach your personal growth goal here, your self-confidence will also increase. 

Health Goals

One of the most important things when setting smart goals is one’s health. After all, we need to care of our health. These can be for your physical health or your mental health. For example, you can aim to do more fitness, or start therapy. 

Personal Example Goals 

Let’s look at some examples of personal example goals:

Financial Goals

1. Paying All Debts

This comes at the very beginning of financial personal goals. While this goal will help you relax in the end, it’ll also allow you to save more money afterward. In addition, your credit will increase.

You can set a time frame for yourself and try to pay off all your debts realistically. This may be in a few months, or it may take several years. This period will vary according to you and your debts. For this, first, make a good account of your debts. 

2. Preparing for Retirement

What a great personal goal to retire early, isn’t it? And, the sooner you start saving for retirement, the more comfortable you’ll be in retirement.

For this, you can first contact the company you work with. In this way, you’ll learn how to save money. Many companies have such plans. You can also create a retirement savings account that you can grow over time. 

setting personal goals
Retiring early is a personal goal for many people.

3. Reducing Spending

Have you spent a little too much in recent years or days? If you think so, taking action to reduce spending would be the right personal goal for you.

This can be a bit difficult because one cannot start spending less all of a sudden. You can create a target for it. For example, you can try to reduce it by a certain percentage. Or, you can try to save money for travel, for example, and try to stay within its limits. 

Career Goals

1. Trying To Increase the Network

When trying to advance in a career, the more people around you, the better. This is two birds with one stone Because by having a wide network, you’ll have more solid steps for your career and you’ll be a more social person. 

These people may be reconnecting with your old colleagues, or they may be people you meet from various social media accounts. Or, you can attend events for the network. 

2. Doing a Master’s/PhD

Sometimes there is nothing better than getting an education to advance in a career. This is also good as it’ll earn you a title. 

This goal is also ideal for those who want to start a different career, you can do this with education. If you have a bachelor’s degree, starting a master’s degree, or if you completed a master’s degree, starting a doctorate may be a good way for you. However, you need to take time for yourself to achieve this goal. For example, if you have a very busy work life, this may not be the right personal goal for you.

3. Learning a New Program

People are a bit wrong about this skill. Many people think that there is no need to learn to program when their job doesn’t require it. However, it’s not. Learning a new program means acquiring a new skill, so it helps anyone who wants to advance their career.

Even if you don’t succeed, no need to be disappointed. Because even when trying to learn a program, you’ll learn a lot. It’ll open your mind in many ways. It’ll make you a more creative person, which is a great career personal goal. 

setting and achieving personal goals
Learning a new computer program is a good career goal.

Personal Growth Goals

1. Getting up Early in the Morning

One of the best things you can do to improve yourself is to get the most out of your day. The way to this is through the goal of waking up early.

Not being able to get up early in the morning is an excuse for many things you want to do in your daily life but can’t do, right? No need to force yourself, for example, not everyone has to get up at 5 in the morning. However, if you try to get up as early as possible and set own personal goals, you’ll find that there is much more time left for everything you want. 

2. Try To Learn a Language for a Trip

This goal may sound too specific to you. However, now, you’ll understand why we say so. 

Everyone around you is constantly talking about wanting to learn a new language, but they just can’t take action, right? That’s because they don’t have a clear goal to match the S.M.A.R.T. Therefore, if you synchronize the language you want to learn with a trip, you’ll find the motivation to actually do it. For example, are you planning to go to Italy next summer? Then, you can start learning Italian. 

3. Getting Into the Gardening

There is nothing more peaceful than getting into gardening. It’ll be good for you in every way. You’ll both be intertwined with the soil and experience peaceful moments, and you’ll grow your food.

If you’re an amateur, you don’t need to push yourself too hard. For example, you could try planting certain crops for the next year. Products like leaf lettuce are easier, you can try to start with products like these. Then, you can gradually move on to products that are more difficult to manufacture.

Health Goals

1. Being More Active

How about setting a more active life goal for yourself this year? In this regard, it’s important to choose the activity well. It need always be something you enjoy doing, rather than something that you’ll do for a while and lose your interest.

So, try to discover what you’re interested in and set a goal for it. For example, if you enjoy weights, you can work towards this goal in the gym. If you’re someone who enjoys more outdoor activities, you can choose to run. 

2. Meditating

Meditation is very good spiritually and can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. It helps you stop for a while and clear your head. It makes you realize what you have in life and give thanks. It also helps you to find a good work-life balance.

However, meditation can be a bit challenging for first-time beginners. For this reason, it may be difficult for you to meditate for 10-20 minutes as soon as you start. Therefore, you can start with short periods and try to extend the duration over time. 

3. Eating Properly

How would you like to truly fulfill your goal of proper nutrition this year? When you start eating properly, you’ll feel the effect on your body and mind. Your skin will be brighter, you’ll be more energetic, and you’ll be less sick. All of this will give you more self-confidence! 

Eating healthy may seem difficult or expensive, but it isn’t. Even with small changes to your daily diet, you can eat healthily. For example, cutting down on junk food and adding vegetables instead. Once you get used to eating cucumbers when you crave chips, you don’t want to change the routine. 


In this article, we’ve tried to help you with personal goals and give some suggestions. First of all, setting personal goals is very good for your happiness because the more you achieve them, the better you feel. With this aspect, setting personal goals for yourself is actually the most critical way to achieve success.

Everyone is different and has different needs. Therefore, we hope that your suggestions have given you an idea, but if you think you don’t need them, no need to stop setting goals for yourself. Everyone needs to have goals in life. For some, this may be healthy eating, while for others, it may be traveling.

What matters is your happiness. We hope we’ve helped you too. Now, it’s time to plan personal goals! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Development Goals

What are personal goals?

Personal goals are objectives or targets that individuals set for themselves to achieve. These goals can be short-term or long-term and can be related to any aspect of an individual’s life, such as career, relationships, health, personal development, or hobbies.

Why is it important to set personal goals?

Setting goals allows individuals to have direction and purpose in their lives. It helps them to focus their efforts and resources toward achieving something that is meaningful to them. Personal goals also provide a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment when achieved.

What is the SMART goal method?

The SMART goal method is a system for setting and achieving personal goals. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound and ensures that your goals are achievable and measurable so you can track your progress as you strive to achieve them.

How do I set smart goals?

To set SMART goals, it’s important to be specific in what you want to achieve, making sure it’s within reach of yourself and relevant to where you want to go in life. In addition to setting realistic parameters for yourself, it’s crucial to set clearly defined timelines for success.

What are the benefits of using the SMART goal method?

Using the SMART goal method has many benefits including a better focus on ambitions, clearer vision of desired outcomes, and more accountability while striving toward success. By establishing achievable goals with measurable results, you can track your progress more efficiently throughout each step of your journey.

How often should I measure progress against my goals?

It’s important to track your progress regularly when working towards achieving a goal. This will help motivate you to keep going and stay on track. However, it’s also good to review and reevaluate your goals periodically so they remain achievable and relevant to where you want to go in the future.

What should I do if I’m not achieving my goals?

If you find yourself struggling to achieve your goals, take some time to reflect on what has worked and what has not, then adjust accordingly. It may also be helpful to break down big goals into smaller milestones that are easier to accomplish in order for you to monitor your progress more closely.

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