Living on an Island 

In the modern-day, many people are sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of living in urban areas. If you find yourself sick of this lifestyle too, then maybe moving to an island is on the agenda. Islands can be one of the best places for solo digital nomads.


In this article, we’ll be going over what the advantages and disadvantages of living out life on an island can be, as living on a tropical island can be quite a mixed bag in terms of lifestyle and needs to be effectively weighed up before committing to such a large lifestyle change.


The Pros of Living on an Island  

To start with, we’ll be jumping straight into what some of the most prevalent advantages of living on an island can be. So without any further delay, we’ll get straight into some of the main pros of living this lifestyle in an island setting.


Being More Connected to Nature

One of island life’s biggest benefits is being connected with nature. If you’re living on a tropical island, you’ll find there is most likely a multitude of fantastic beaches around, as well as this, there may also be beautiful natural scenery just sporadically laced around the island to take in. You may be working remotely, so picture the perfect balance of both work and tropical paradise. There is no better way to recharge between workspaces. 


Slowing Your Life Down 

When living in an urban area you may find that life never seems to have any downtime. It is a never-ending race to get things done. However, on an island, you’ll find that your daily life will begin to appear slower than that of the urban city.

Fantastic Weather Conditions 

Most people from countries such as the UK know all too well the drab of the weather. Well, in your new tropical abode, say goodbye to that issue. Even in the winter, you’ll find that the sun is still shining when taking in that island lifestyle. Warm and sunny weather is also of benefit to your work life as these conditions breed productivity and creativity.


With that being said, there are also tropical showers, which can be quite unpredictable but for the most part, you’ll see the weather quality is much better!


If you’re a digital nomad, most tropical islands will offer you digital nomad visas. This is especially the case in the Caribbean islands. So long as you meet the necessary criteria you should have no problem gaining temporary residency to live out your daily life in a tropical paradise. 


The Cons of Living on an Island 

Now that we’ve gone over some of the main pros of living that island lifestyle, what are the cons? Everything has a negative aspect to it, regardless of how good it may seem. Below we have gone through just some of the main negative aspects of island life. 


Living a life of luxury comes with a cost. Your daily life will most likely cost significantly more than the prices you were paying when living in your country of origin. As well as daily prices, rent is usually incredibly high also. So, ensure you have all the necessary knowledge you’ll need before committing to moving to an island. 

Digital Issues 

This is a problem that is changing very quickly. However, it remains an issue as of now. When living on an island, you’d better be ready to experience a slower connection to the Wi-Fi, and just a generally poor signal all around. This is important to note as if you’re a digital nomad you will most likely be relying on a consistent and stable internet connection to carry out your daily workload. 

Wildlife Interference 

Living on an island means living in the same space as insects and bugs. You’ll find that many of the usual insects you’re used to will be around in abundance, as well as some creatures you may have never even heard of.

Lacking in the Community Feel 

Most islands do lack a sense of community, and you’ll probably find yourself feeling isolated at times. This is especially the case in the digital nomad community, of which they are few and far between on islands. There are some locations that will offer communities to digital nomads, but be realistic and acknowledge that if groups of people are what you’re looking for, then living on an island will most likely not be the place to find them.

However, Bali is a tropical location that can offer all the benefits of daily island life, whilst also being one of the most popular locations on the planet for digital nomads. So, if you’re planning on a move to Bali as your chosen destination, then your chances of having a digital nomad community to relate to just significantly increased!


Overall living out life on an island, especially a tropical one, can come with a lot of positives to your daily life, but also a lot of negatives that can often go unmentioned. There truly is a lot to consider before committing to such a life-changing move abroad.

That being said, we hope this article has achieved its goal of giving you a more comprehensive insight into what daily island life may be like, warts and all, in hope that you can make a more leveled decision before upping and changing your life completely.

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