What Is Coworking and How Can You Find a Good Coworking Space?

Like co-living, in recent years coworking has seen a massive jump in popularity, rising by over 200% in just over the last half-decade. coworking is a perfect solution for many different avenues of work. For example, if you’re a freelancer looking to work beyond your home. As well as this, if you’re a recently started company trying to move up the ladder. These are some of the routes of working that can massively benefit from coworking spaces. 

In this article, we’ll be aiming to highlight both the pros and cons of coworking. Along with that, we’ll be delving into how to go about making that final call on choosing the coworking space that’ll fit you best. Without further introduction, we’ll get straight into the positives and negatives that can come with coworking.

Positives and Negatives of Coworking 

With every aspect of life, it is important to weigh up outcomes. This is the case too when it comes to positives and negatives. When choosing to move into coworking for the first time, it is equally as important to weigh up these variables. Below we have gone through some of the positives and potential negatives that can come with moving into the world of coworking.


Working in a coworking environment is going to be significantly cheaper than working in a private setting. Most coworking environments have the amenities cost included in the general price, for example, Wi-Fi, furnishing, and other vital services for work.

Meeting Others 

When working in a private office you can often be quite isolated. However, when working in a coworking environment you’ll find that the opportunity to network with similar people and create business relationships with others is far more possible. You can avoid getting distracted while working remotely. This will not only allow you to build new relationships but also potentially learn new ideas and skills going forward.

Lack of Choice for Others 

The similarities when it comes to the potential cons for coworking are quite striking to that of coliving. One similarity is the lack of choice you often have over the people with who you’ll be sharing your space. This can be a positive, especially if you are put in the same setting as like-minded people. But it can also be a con if you are put in the same setting as people you may not be able to get along with.

Choosing a Coworking Space 

With some of the potential pros and cons of making use of a coworking unit out of the way, how do you go about settling on a coworking space that will be right for you? Below we’ve gone through just some of the main aspects to be on the lookout for before making that final call.


When deciding where you want to settle on there are a few steps more important than location. The location you will be working within is vitally important for obvious reasons. Ensuring you’ll be able to efficiently get to and from your area of work is key. As well as this, ensuring there are aspects in the surrounding area that will make your days easier, such as areas to rest or get food, can make all the difference in terms of your productivity.

Price Range

This is the most important thing to consider before committing to anything. Your budget is going to be the key decider in almost every aspect of the coworking area you choose. Many coworking environments charge extra for select benefits. However, if you’re not going to be making any use of the benefits they offer, then it would be no use paying extra for them. It is also important to ensure that there aren’t any secret fees or hidden costs involved in the deal before committing.

Offered Services 

Once again, these services may cost extra, but if you feel they’ll improve your output, then they can be important to include. When on the search for an area, you’ll want to ensure that the space includes anything you may need to get through the day. For example, if a printer will be needed, you’ll want to ensure that the coworking unit supplies that.

More Choice 

If you’re looking into a coworking environment, chances are you’re a flexible person. This is why it is key to ensure that the coworking unit you’re looking for has hours that fit your needs. As well as this, the ability to move around the office and change location within the building throughout the day will enhance your output more than you’d think. So, flexibility within the coworking environment of your choice is of utmost importance.

There are also virtual coworking spaces options that aim to give you the comfort of working from your home while also continuing to socialize with the community.


So, there you have everything regarding coworking. This article has aimed to provide an insight into what exactly coworking is. As well as this, we have aimed to try and provide a look into some of the potential pros and cons that can come with transferring to a coworking environment. Considering these factors before settling on a decision will make your outcome all the more beneficial to you in both the short and long term.

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