Solo Travel Tips for Introverts

We know that traveling alone can be quite challenging for introverts. However, you must experience it. Solo travel will make you feel complete. Yes, you’ll face challenges from time to time. Everything will not always be perfect. So is life. But, the result will be worth it.


In this article, we list a few tips for you to relax on your solo travel. These will be very useful for your solo travel and will help you overcome your tendency to loneliness. In this way, your solo trip will turn into a social experience if you wish.


Come on, dear introvert! You need a solo trip to think and discover the world. Now, let’s look at the solo travel tips for introverts!

Tips for Introverts Who Want To Travel Alone

1. Know That You Don’t Have To Meet People

Solo travel can be literally solo! Your only expectation from solo travel may be to rest and recharge. This is perfectly normal. So, on your solo travel, you can only be your own friend if you wish. You don’t need others. Yes, meeting people can be nice too, which we’ll also talk about. Yet, if you don’t want it, you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on your thoughts and interests. That’ll be good for you too. 

2. Or, You Can Choose To Develop Your Social Skills

You don’t have to be alone if you don’t want to. In fact, for introverts who want to socialize, there is no better way than solo travel. You can learn and practice such skills that you’ll surprise yourself. The more you travel alone, the more your extroverted skills will improve. You can enjoy social situations. As we have mentioned, this is entirely up to you. 

4. Make a Plan

Plans are always good. Planning our life and knowing our next step makes us feel safe. Make a solid plan! This will be of great help to you on your first solo travel. First, decide where you are going. Next, set up the reservation for accommodation. There are many things to plan for when traveling alone. Furthermore, this plan will help you a lot on your trip as an introvert. It’ll also reduce your travel anxiety because you’ll confidently take your steps. You can add even small expeditions that you’ll do alone to that list. Whatever you want, sit down and plan before you go solo travel. 

5. Choose Your Accommodation According to Your Needs

While choosing a place to stay, take into account that you’re an introvert. At this point, accommodation with a private balcony or courtyard will be a more accurate and comfortable option for you. We know you’ll need a resting point and a place to go when you’re tired of traveling and want to take a break…If you choose accommodation according to your needs, you’ll have a paradise of your own. 

6. Be Ready to Defend Yourself

One of the problems that introverts face in their daily life is that they don’t give themselves a lot of saying when they’re with their extrovert friends. Another person takes the lead, and that introvert doesn’t care if they want it or not. Solo travel will also help you at this point. No one else has the right to speak for you during this solo travel. All decisions are up to you. It’s time to speak for yourself, get ready! You’ll see, while this situation will make your travel easier, it’ll also give you a very important skill when the travel is over. 

8. Keep Your Solo Travel a Little Longer

If you find it difficult to have direct conversations with people, consider extending the travel a little. If you can spend a week in the hostel where you’re staying, instead of staying for a night or two, you’ll see that you’ve entered the social environment of the place by yourself. People will come and start chatting with you. We’ve no doubt that you’ll enjoy it! You’ll find yourself talking to people about your route for the next day. Maybe you can go on a tour together! 

9. Keep a Diary

Keeping a diary is a great way for introverted solo travelers. So, don’t forget to take a pen and paper with you when you go on a solo trip. Writing will relax you a lot. The more you write, the better you’ll listen to your thoughts. You’ll see more clearly what you’re going through. You can also write about the people you’ve met. It’ll be very good for you to see what you’ve been through and what you’ve experienced.

10. Stay at a Hostel

In your solo travel, you can prefer to stay at a hotel and enjoy having your own space. However, staying in a hostel is also a very good method for introverted solo travelers. In this way, you’ll have a better chance of connecting with locals or other travelers. While doing this, you’ll also have a different experience and meet different cultures. You’ll have the chance to learn more about the area you’re staying in. 

11. Don’t Think You’ll Get Bored

Most people think that they’ll get bored just because they’re traveling alone! But the key is to find out how to entertain yourself. From time to time, you’ll have to travel for hours by bus or train. For this reason, you need to make some preparations before you start your trip. It could be creating a playlist of your favorite tracks or reading a book. It can also be downloading a series from Netflix to your device. Activities like these will keep you busy and relaxed. 

12. Attend Workshops

Wherever you go, there is always something famous and a workshop for it. For example, if you go to a place with very rich cuisine, you’ll find cooking classes there. Or you can find many workshops on art in a city that cares a lot about the arts. You can also enroll in a language course if you want to learn the language of the place you’re visiting. All of these will be good for you. When you go to a workshop, it means you have the same interests as the people there. This will also allow you to communicate comfortably with the people there. 

13. Test Yourself

Solo travel is a great way to try and test yourself sometimes. Yes, introverted people have their limits. Yet, isn’t it time to put them to the test? From time to time, you’ll need to approach people to ask a question or ask directions. Don’t worry! Take a deep breath. These small talks will be very good for you, you’ll feel that you’re a real traveler. Moreover, your self-confidence will increase in that way. From now on, you won’t be nervous when you have to ask people questions.

15. Have Equipment for Every Situation

And, finally, get your equipment ready! This is very important for all solo travelers to be prepared for situations. If you’ve everything you need with you, you can feel more confident. Essential pieces of equipment are a power bank, cash, light backpack, raincoat, first aid kit, and padlock. Equipment may vary depending on your travel. For this reason, you should do your research and set up equipment accordingly. You’re now prepared for any situation that may come your way.

The Bottom Line

There it is… Solo travel tips for introverts. We know that traveling alone can be very challenging at times. However, if you’ve decided to travel alone, know that you’re a very brave person. All you have to do is take the first step. Now, trust yourself, and step out of your comfort zone. Your experiences will be great! 


We hope that these tips will make your solo travel easier. No doubt that you’ll feel recharged. Whether you spend it socializing or relaxing by being alone, solo travel will be very good for your soul. 


Are solo trips boring?

It is difficult to give an exact yes or no answer to this question. Because it depends according to your choices. Definitely not boring if you know how to entertain yourself. It’s also not boring if you’re an introvert who enjoys being alone. 

Is it worth traveling alone?

It is definitely worth it. Many people these days embark on adventures to discover themselves. It’s a great experience for introverts to be on their own, realizing they don’t need anyone else. It’s good for your soul to stay away from everything like this from time to time. Moreover, many people prefer solo travel to get out of depression or solve their anxiety and stress problems. 

How do you travel solo without being lonely?

When on solo travel you can find many things to accompany you besides people. Music, series, etc… But you can find people too! You can mingle with people at your destination and arrange a group tour with them. For this, staying in a hostel is a good choice. This way you’ll find other travelers like you. You’ll not be lonely. Chatting a lot with introverts like you will be good for you and you’ll never feel lonely. 

How do introverts go on vacation?

It is very easy! Introverts need a vacation to recharge just like everyone else. There is no better way to recharge than time spent alone, away from the crowds. It’s also a great way to connect and refresh with other people. We can recommend you a few countries for a good vacation: Iceland, Switzerland, and Thailand would be good choices. 

Can introverts become travelers?

Why not? Yes, the thought of being a traveler for introverts can be scary at first. However, traveling is actually great for introverts! Through travel, introverts discover themselves and learn to adapt to new environments. So, they can be very good travelers! 

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