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Volunteering Opportunities Online

Have you decided to volunteer too? Fantastic! Volunteering is something that will do you good, too, as it puts helping others first. However, since it also contains physical work, people who don’t have enough time can’t undertake volunteer work, no matter how much they want to. But, do you know that you can volunteer by lying on your comfy sofa without even leaving the house? Are you surprised… But it’s true!

Many online volunteering opportunities will prove that the possibilities are endless when you want to be benevolent. As long as you want to be included, you don’t need to spend physical effort on these organizations.

If you’re also interested, let’s start looking at virtual volunteer opportunities and how to become a virtual volunteer in more detail…

How Can I Volunteer Remotely?

There are many opportunities for those wishing to volunteer remotely in a nonprofit organization. Here are a few examples we’ll present for you:

  • Be My Eyes
  • UN Volunteers
  • Career Village
  • Soldiers’ Angels
  • Crisis Text Line
  • Tarjimly
  • Amnesty Decoders
  • Zooniverse
  • UPchieve

These sites specifically cater to people who are good at certain services. For example social media marketing, content writing, organization, project management, law, and graphic design. If you have these skills, you can help a lot of people. We recommend that you take a look at them. 

Volunteering Opportunities Online

Now, we’ll list online volunteering opportunities from almost every field for you. These are all volunteer jobs that you can do entirely online. Let’s start!

United Nations

We put United Nations at the top of the virtual volunteering opportunities list because of its wide possibilities. Here, you can find the chance to serve in many different fields. The United Nations has an online volunteer database. When you browse here, you can find the chance to work online in many institutions. Some fields include translation, research, social media, authorship, art design, etc. It appeals to everyone.


This is an online platform dealing with food service. WhyHunger exists to combat food shortages. It aims to bring people who don’t have access to food together with food pantry services. The organization has a database called Find Food. By logging through this list, you can make various updates and help the organization by expanding its database. If you want to be a virtual volunteer, this platform could be a good option for you.

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

Are you a history buff that wants to be a volunteer? Then, you’ll love it here. The Smithsonian contains many transcription jobs. The digital volunteers who sign up here strive to bring the present closer to the past. They try to shed light on our understanding of the past. The organization, which has been in existence since 2013, has done a lot of transcription work so far. Here, you can find both general jobs and project-specific jobs. There are many opportunities, from archeological excavations to sound recordings. 

Be My Eyes

A great platform dedicated to helping visually impaired individuals. The platform matches volunteers with visually impaired people. All you have to do is to download the application. A free app for both the disabled and the volunteers... As a virtual volunteer, your job here is to read directions, navigate new environments, check expiration dates, or assist other visually impaired people with things they may need. You can also make new friends as you’ll be in contact with many visually impaired people. 

Career Village

This is a very innovative resource. Moreover, its audience is very large. Many people volunteer here, from professional to amateur students. It’s mostly based on professionals advising students. For example, a student logs in and asks, ‘’I want to be an engineer, but I can’t decide which field to pursue’’, and a professional in that field tries to help the student. As a virtual volunteer, you'll have the chance to help many students and young people. 

Red Cross

It’s the online version of the Red Cross we know. The mission of this place is to spread the Red Cross organization on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They do this in various ways. For example, collecting donations from blog posts or online links. The advantage of being a member here online is that if you want to do a physical job, you can go to the Red Cross branches in many centers whenever you want. 


Catchafire is kind of like a mediator. This place aims to bring volunteers together with non-profit organizations whose skills are needed. If you want to work with a charity and volunteer online, but cannot decide exactly in which field, you can get help from Catchafire. When you use the search engine on their website, many opportunities will be waiting for you. Another advantage is that it has a filtering option in the search engine. So, you can tailor your search to your skills, demands, or time. This way you come across something more relevant and really interesting to you. 

Hire Heroes USA

This is another career-based non-profit organization where you can volunteer online. However, we can say that the audience here is more limited. Its general audience is veterans. Here, ex-military professionals do career coaching for veterans. They’re trying to offer advice to help transition to civilian life. If you want to become a virtual volunteer, you must first attend the interviews to apply here. They hold their meetings mostly via phone or video calls. 

Cards for a Cause

This is a non-profit organization that creates and sends cards to put a smile on the faces of those in distress. For example, what’s better than sending a sweet handmade car to a sick child and making him happy? When you register here, you’ll see that there is no limit to the number of cards you can send. So, you can send cards to as many people as you want and make them happy. Also, this place is great for improving your creativity skills. However, some designs are not allowed, so read the instructions thoroughly to avoid any problems before you freely craft your card. 

Soldiers’ Angels

As the name suggests, this is a non-profit organization for soldiers. The target audience is military families. A virtual audience from all over the world gathers here to support them. For example, women who are waiting for their spouses in the military when they’re pregnant… Everyone joins hands to organize a baby shower for them. In addition, duties such as writing letters to soldiers or gift campaigns are carried out. 

Oakwood Educational Foundation

This is an organization established to combat educational inequalities. This association, which has a very ambitious mission, aims to find solutions to educational inequalities in almost every aspect of life. Its goal is to bring together young people and children who cannot get enough education with teachers who want to teach them. Free academic aid is so beneficial for these children… If you’re a teacher, we recommend that you take a look at this organization. 

Crisis Text Line

It’s a great line for those who want to volunteer using only their smartphones. Crisis Text Line can also be accessed from a computer. The purpose of this organization is to try to help individuals in times of crisis by returning calls for help 24/7. Volunteers here work as crisis counselors. Volunteers with good communication skills are preferred. Also, there is no doubt that you’ll improve your already existing communication skills. Here, they’re trying to offer this compassion to individuals who need it. Volunteers devote at least four hours a week here. It’s a great option if you want to volunteer for a while before you go to work or after you get back from work. 

Writing Wonders Organization

This is a new non-profit organization established in the middle of the pandemic. Their mission is marvelous: to spread positivity and kindness to humanity through art, that is, through writing. Volunteers here try to help people in distress with their letters. If they want, they can write something themselves, they send sections from some works of art. You can reach many people here, from old people to children. 

Translators Without Borders

If you know many languages but don’t know how to use them, here is a virtual volunteering opportunity for you: Translators Without Borders. Here, volunteers take their time to translate various documents. Often these documents are crisis response texts or medical texts. In addition, fundraising events or trips are held here from time to time. So, it’s a great opportunity if you want to get together with the people you volunteer with. 


A non-profit organization trying to help young people living in difficult conditions get university advice. This place mainly works with young people. It’s not only limited to the university but also tries to help young people with their problems in high school. They also work in collaboration with participating schools. You can sign up as a mentor here. You can provide students with curriculum and specialist knowledge. However, it should be noted that this place is not completely online. Here, mentors should meet with their students online once a week and face-to-face once a month.

TED Translators

You’re probably familiar with TED talks. TED interpreters’ job is to add captions to TED talks. Since the speeches here are inspiring and developing, their goal is to provide subtitles for these speeches to reach large audiences around the world. From time to time, translation competitions are held here, and winning these competitions is quite prestigious. You can also participate in programs where you can earn a certificate.

Caring Calls

The target audience here is the elderly population. It’s a non-profit organization set up to support the elderly and is run by Dorot. As a virtual volunteer here, you'll be expected to make phone calls. You match with someone and you speak with that person for at least four weeks. You must speak for at least 30 minutes. You need to establish a bond of friendship with that person. This bond will be good for you as well as the other person. 


Tarjimly exists to help immigrants. They try to help refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants with their language skills. It’s done over the phone. Here, you can connect with someone and you can send text or voice notes to that person. In this project, you can help immigrants with their medical, housing, education, and legal affairs. You can also help them learn the language of that region. 

The Kids Circle Foundation

The purpose of this virtual volunteering opportunity is to guide the children. Volunteers are all high school students and there is more than one form of volunteer work. If you have a high school-age child who can attend for 1-3 hours a week, we recommend you consider this place. Here, students do online tasks such as writing letters of encouragement to children and helping with homework. Since there are many varieties, students can deal with whatever they’re talented in. For example, social media or graphic design, etc. 

Amnesty Decoders

This place is managed by Amnesty International. It’s a complete web channel. Human rights violations are tried to be detected through this place. For example, harassment against women, oil spills, and problems in remote villages. So, we can say that the goals of this place are on a larger scale and broader. You can get more information by visiting their website. 

There you have it…Some volunteering opportunities online… We hope this article is helpful to you. 

Online Volunteer Opportunities – FAQ

How can I become a virtual volunteer?

One way to become a virtual volunteer is to search for remote volunteer opportunities online. There are many websites that list various volunteer opportunities, including ones that can be done virtually. For example, you may find a listing for a charity or non-profit organization that needs help with administrative tasks, such as data entry or customer service. Additionally, some organizations may offer online tutoring opportunities, while others may need assistance with fundraising or social media campaigns.

You can also reach out directly to organizations and inquire about any virtual volunteering positions they might have available. It’s best to check the website of the organization, as well as its social media channels since they’ll likely post any open virtual volunteer opportunities on their platforms. If there are no current openings, you can still send them an email expressing your interest in becoming a virtual volunteer and asking if they have any upcoming roles.

In addition to searching for specific organizations looking for volunteers, consider checking job boards and classifieds sites that offer virtual volunteering opportunities from multiple sources. You can usually filter through listings by location or type of work and apply directly to those postings. Another way of finding virtual volunteering jobs is by reaching out and networking with people who are already involved in the field – such as former volunteers or colleagues who have worked on similar projects – who might be aware of upcoming roles you could potentially fill.

Finally, there are also numerous programs offering remote volunteer opportunities worldwide – many of which are entirely online – so it’s always worth checking what type of initiatives they offer before committing yourself to one organization in particular. As long as you’re clear about your goals and expectations when applying for a role – such as the number of hours per week you can realistically commit to – it should be possible to find a suitable position where you can make use of your skillset and contribute positively to a worthwhile cause at the same time!

Why are online volunteer opportunities popular?

Online volunteer opportunities have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the convenience and flexibility they provide. By volunteering online, individuals are able to make meaningful contributions to causes they care about without having to commit large amounts of time or travel long distances. This type of volunteering is especially attractive for people who may have hectic schedules, mobility issues, or limited funds that prevent them from taking part in traditional volunteer activities.

Additionally, online volunteering provides a unique opportunity for individuals to learn new skills like coding, graphic design, data collection and analysis, and more. These types of skills can be used not only to contribute to the organization being supported but also as a way for volunteers to build their own professional portfolios. As a result, online and virtual volunteers gain invaluable experience without having to spend money on training courses or classes.

In addition to these benefits, many organizations have embraced online volunteering as a way of making their work more inclusive by providing an opportunity for people with disabilities or those living in remote areas who might otherwise not be able to participate in their projects. The internet has made it possible for anyone with an internet connection and basic tech skills to join forces with other like-minded people around the world while staying safely at home.

The combination of convenience and accessibility provided by online and virtual opportunities makes them incredibly popular among those looking to give back while growing personally and professionally. It’s no surprise that organizations that offer such opportunities often see strong participation rates across all demographics.

Can you work remotely for the UN?

Yes. UN offers volunteer work in part-time hours or complete remote work. It’s even possible to do an internship remotely. 

Do online UN volunteers get paid?

No, virtual volunteers don’t get paid. Because this is volunteer work. And, instead of money, you get other rewards such as knowledge and skills, network, and culture. 

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