Most Common Location Independent Careers 

For far too long the generalization of remote, independent location jobs is solely associated with having to be technology savvy. However, when you look further into the world of remote working, you’ll likely find that there is far more to it than having to be technology savvy. Remote work workers come from a never-ending variety of backgrounds. This is why we’ve curated a list of jobs that are location independent that you may want to consider if you’re an already established remote worker or looking to get started in the field. 


I think freelancing was going to be the most obvious entry on this list. This is why it is the first up, to get it out of the way. Freelancing is one of the most flexible jobs on this list. It can be from designing, to IT, to even music production. Freelancing is a great area of work mainly because you’re in control of your work schedule. As a career, it provides a lot of flexibility for the individual to fit their work around their personal life. It also encompasses a large range of different work that you can do. 


Being an entrepreneur is most likely for you if you’re quick-witted and willing to get scrappy with your work. If you think you’re the kind of person who doesn’t remain within a box and challenges the norms, then entrepreneurship is for you. The best aspect of this line of work is that you do not have to answer back to anybody but yourself. 


Being a consultant is a prime example of the main point of this article. That being that there is a wide variety of areas that remote work can cover. Consultancy fills areas such as legal advice, marketing advice for businesses, and then the tech industry too. Consultants do travel a lot but this can be seen as a positive depending on the kind of person you are. They often find themselves moving from location to location with fairly short intervals between living areas. 


The role of education cannot be downplayed in the future of people. For centuries, education has been taking place solely within a classroom, physically. Although with modern technology, education has begun to transition across to digital grounds. This means teachers have been able to translate more of their personal life whilst they continue to educate remotely or in different locations. Despite not having the ability to decide their work hours, teaching is still one of the most fulfilling jobs. This is especially so if you’re teaching in an area that you have an incredible amount of passion for. However, many teachers do need the face-to-face connection that comes with physical in-person education. But, with the advancement of technology, a lot of the connection an educator has with their students can still be realized through online means.

Online teaching can also be an incredibly fulfilling job in terms of giving your life a true meaning as you guide and assist those younger than you on a path to success. The impression you can leave on people as a teacher can be something that your students will carry with them for the rest of their lives and can shape who they become as people. 

Customer Service 

Working in customer service, you’ll make your wage by listening and solving people’s issues daily. Being in customer service requires you to have good people skills. As well as this, you’ll also have to be creative and quick-thinker so that your customer on the other end leaves the engagement satisfied. Working in customer service requires a heavy amount of energy. This is why working in a location in which you are comfortable can make it all the easier to portray this joy to the customer. The greatest benefit of working in customer service is the remote capabilities. You’ll be able to avoid the often difficult and awkward interactions of the traditional physical environment, for a more streamlined experience online digitally. 

Graphic Design & Social Media 

People are always associating art with being impossible to get a job within. That isn’t true though, especially in the modern world. Being a graphic designer, you’ll not only be artistically driven, which was mostly the case in the past. You’ll find that today a lot of graphic designers venture off into different directions nowadays. Whether it be the world of social media, general website design, or the traditional artistic approach, there are many opportunities available in the world of graphic design. It works great as a location-independent career mainly because all work will be done through digital means. You’ll not be confined to a traditional workspace, which will mean that your creativity should be in full flow, which is vital for work in this area. 

We’ve decided to include social media management into the same section as graphic design, not because they are similar in terms of work, but they are similar in terms of the benefits they offer those who enter their domain of work. Those who work in social media management often benefit from relying solely on digital means to produce their work. As well as this, just like graphic design, they’re able to work completely remotely from any location they wish. 


In conclusion, the world of location-independent work is growing more and more as the years pass. People are sick of the traditional work experience, and want to take control of their own work lives, and who can blame them. Working remotely has massive benefits and can ensure that you can earn a living without having to sacrifice your daily life. We hope this list has helped show the variety of jobs that are available through remote working. There are quite literally no limitations on the path you could take should you choose to do so. 

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