The Best Places for Solo Digital Nomads

Traveling alone is something that a lot of us fear. These fears stem from smaller issues such as having to eat alone, to more serious fears regarding personal safety. However, when the fears are placed to the side, you may find that traveling alone can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. That being said, your experience is only as good as your destination. This is why we have compiled a shortlist of some of the best places to travel if you’re traveling solo. 


Reykjavík (Iceland)

Iceland has become one of the most popular destinations recently. To mention just one of the most magical experiences in this country, the northern lights, you’ll find Iceland to be as charming as any nation you’ll ever come across. Particularly if you’re a female traveler, you’ll be able to feel safe in Iceland. Iceland has the number one spot on the Global Peace Index, as well as it also has the number one spot on the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap. This ensures that both being safe and equality amongst the sexes are of the highest priority to Iceland as a country. 


Barcelona (Spain)  

Barcelona is one of the most obvious travel destinations that everyone knows and loves. The city is easier to travel through by walking than you’d imagine. Whether it is general shopping or traveling along the beach, you’re sure to have a fantastic time in the city. Spanish food is famous too, and the weather is one of the things that Spain is most known for. They don’t call it Sunny Spain for anything, so it is a win-win!


Seattle (United States of America)  

Seattle is one of those cities that is known for its coffee. This means if you’re dining alone or drinking alone, it won’t be as out of place as in other cities, perfect for if you’re traveling alone. The compact nature of the city means it is incredibly easy to move between areas, sights, or shops by walking. But, even if you’re looking to get to something that is further away, Seattle can solve that issue with its railway system.


Munich (Germany) 

If you’re looking for more European options, then traveling to Munich in Germany is sure to be one of the most open experiences you could have. Germans, particularly those from Munich, are said to be open and welcoming to those from abroad. There is nothing more immersive into the Bavarian culture than grabbing a pint and engaging with strangers in Munich. 


Austin (United States of America) 

Austin is one of those places that seems all over the place. There is so much to do in the area that it can be hard to focus your sight down to a select list. Live performances of music, as well as restaurants and barbecues, are all some of the most commonplace activities you could engage in within the area. 


Taipei (Taiwan) 

Taipei is one of the most popular travel destinations in the nation of Taiwan, as it is the capital. It is unique in the sense that it mixes both its traditional culture with modernity. While living on the island, you’ll find traditional markets that Asian nations are so well known for, whilst also offering the amazement of viewing some of their temples. However, there is also the modern part of Taiwan, which is filled with high-rise buildings and shopping centers. It is a mix of two worlds. All travel signs have English translations beneath them, so there is no need to worry about not being able to read the travel routes. As well as this, all public transport have waiting zones that are heavily monitored by CCTV to protect female passengers. 


Stockholm (Sweden) 

Sweden is known for its accessibility and safety in its major cities. Stockholm specifically is known for its cafes, food services, and shopping. It is a mix of both a traditional European country whilst embracing modernity. Swedish people are also known across the world for being extremely friendly and accepting to those from different countries. It is also easy to navigate throughout the country and city as a whole, with their linking metro stations all interconnecting making travel incredibly simple and easy to go about doing when there. 


Okinawa (Japan)

For many, going to Japan is on their bucket list. However, it can be overwhelming, especially for those coming from the West. Okinawa is the perfect travel destination if you want to experience life in Japan without being too overwhelmed. It boasts an incredible monorail. This monorail goes straight from the airport (where you’ll be arriving most likely) to the city center. Okinawa has castles, beaches, and famous markets. This means there is plenty to do in one of Japan’s most accessible locations. 


London (England) 

A lot of the entries on this list might be the kind of travel destination to provide a bit of a culture shock. This is why we’ve added London to the list. London is the best city for remote workers if you’re looking to experience the charm of European travel without any of the immediate shocks that come with traveling to one of the more exotic nations. There is so much to do in this city that you could quite literally spend months exploring. All of the things to do are swiftly and easily interconnected too through the London Underground travel system. 


Conclusion on Best Places for Solo Travelers 

We have tried to provide some of the best options for you to feel safe whilst also having the exhilaration of exploring somewhere new and unique. We hope we have achieved our goal of providing a good range of locations to offer a wide variety of experiences for you to choose from that all interconnect and differ from one other whilst also remaining comfortable and safe when traveling abroad!


Have you ever traveled solo? Did you like it or not? Let us know…

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